Sunju Park Profile

Glass Work

This is my most recent work, through studies at St Martins. In my 2 years I have gained experience in acid-etching, painting on glass, fusing and silk screen. My work has been well-received and gained one first prize and a scholarship.

Mural Work

My key skill and interest is the creation of large murals. I have studied this technique in depth and completed commercial contracts in this work. My key work has used fresco but I also use enamel, stained glass, terracotta, cement casting and papier-mâché. The subject matter typically show human figures, often in historical contexts.

General Artistic/Imaginative Skills

Through my studies and general pursuit of artistic experience I have completed much artwork using pastel, line drawing, tempera, oriental ink painting, litho graphics, watercolour and oil painting. Most days I complete new drawings, regardless of my situation. Many of these are quick portraits of people I see at work or while travelling. I also do many unusual, whimsical and imaginative studies, which are well received by friends and colleagues who see them. My general standard is high, reflected in my strong placing in my degree and the first prizes achieved in art competitions.


I have used tempera in my mural work, but have also widely used this technique for painting on cotton and paper. Tempera formed a large part of my higher education and most of my art exhibitions.

Oriental Ink Painting

I have used this type of technique since I was 10 years old, as it was the most commonly used technique for teaching art at school. This work continued throughout my higher education. These studies were typically large pieces of work, some 3 x 4 metres, and usually one colour. The subjects of this work usually were of natural scenes, such as landscapes, often with Chinese and sometimes Korean writing.


Ongoing education in English, continuing previous studies of English in Korea, India and England.
2002 P.G.C. Glass and Architecture 1 yr Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Holborn, London
2001 P.G.C. Glass and Fine Art 1 yr Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Holborn, London
1997 M.F.A. Mural Painting 2 yrs Visva-Bharati National University, Santiniketan, India
1996 F.C.C. Mural Painting 1 yr Visva-Bharati National University, Santiniketan, India
1992 B.F.A Korean Painting 4 yrs Chon-Namn National University, South Korea
(2nd highest mark from 20 students in that year)
1989 - Oriental Painting 3 yrs Kwang ju Art High School, Korea


2000 Mural camp (Enamel techniques by Amal Ghash, Visua-Bharati, Santinketan, India)
1998 Forty-Sixth Fresco/Kala Shilp camp (Fresco Mural camp by Banasthali Vidyapith-faculty of Fine Arts, Rajastan, India)

Awards and Honours

2003 Scholarship from the Chase Charity Grant, St Martins
2003 Stevens Competition – Glass works – joint 1st prize (
1995 Honours. Painting World Competition (Museum of Kwang-In Seoul Gallery, Korea)
1995 Special Prize at Moodung Fine Art Competition (Kwangju Museum, Korea)
1995 Special Prize at Korea Paint Exhibition of Contemporary Art (Museum of Seoul Art Center, Korea)
1995 Honours. The Public Subscription Exhibition by Choon-choo Group (Museum of Deok-Won gallery, Seoul)
1994 Honours. Kwang ju Grand Fine Art Competition (Kwangju Museum, Korea)
1993 Honours. The Public Subscription Exhibition by Choon-Choo Group. (Secoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Korea)
1992 Honours. Grand Fine Art contest of Korean Painting (City Museum, Korea)
1991 Honours. Chosun University’s Fine Art Competition
1990 Honours. Wonkwang University’s Fine Art Competition


2009 Three Korean Artists, at Cochrane Gallery, Holborn, London
2008 The Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair, Candid Art Gallery, Islington
2008 International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge
2008 Cambridge Glass Fair, at Chilford Hall, Linton
2008 The Art Glass Fair, at Dulwich College, South London
2005 DesignerBlock exhibition, at the Nicholls and Clarke Basement, Shoreditch High Street London E1
2005 Harrow Art Fair, St Marys, Harrow-on-the-Hill
2002 Glass and Fine Art at the Cochrane Gallery, St Martins
2001 Glass and Fine Art at the Cochrane Gallery, St Martins
1998 Solo Exhibition at Nandan Art Gallery, Santiniketan, India
1998 Solo Exhibition at Oxford Bookstore Gallery, Calcutta
1998 Kala Mela (Birla Academy of Art & Culture)
1998 Art Exhibition (Sri Aurobindo Ashram Nilaya Gallary, Santiniketan, India)
1998 Art Exhibition (Rabindra Bhavana Gallery, Santiniketan, India)
1994 Exhibition for Print - Etching, Wood block (C. N. University Fine Art. Museum, Korea)
1990 Exhibition of ‘Nam do Art High School’ (Museum in Kwang ju Cultural Art Center, Korea)

Work Experience

2007 Glass Installation, for Ince and Co at International House, Tower Bridge
2004 Working at Goddard and Gibbs glass studio, full-time painter
2002 Enamel Work for Amal Gosh, commissioned by Channel 4’s Indian Summer
I completed key drawing for this work.
2001 Assistance in Enamel Work for Amal Gosh, commissioned by British Waterways
2000 Illustrations for the book “Life of Buddha” – Goloka Books
I completed a series of full-page tempera drawings for this book for publication in India.
1999 Commercial Murals contract, ABC India Company
Design and completion of 2 murals for the company HQ. The first of these used tempera 8’x9’, depicting two female figures. The second was terracotta 10’ x 3’. These type of contracts would normally be offered to an Indian artist.
1999 Commercial Murals contract, Apeejay Surrendra Group
This 3’ x 9’ mural used tempera and depicted an aquatic scene.